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Consulting & Design

Downloads of EE Demo/Evaluation Software

SPICE and derivatives
  • WinSpice is a port of Spice3F4 to Win32 systems. WinSpice is ported to run in a window as a native 32-bit application. It can generate waveform plots to individual floating windows and contains a powerful scripting language (see the example files included with the executable).

  • IsSpice from intusoft is a powerful SPICE3-based simulation environment.

  • PSpice from cadence is the well known SPICE-based simulation environment available on the PC since 1985.

  • Multisim from National Intruments (NI) is a SPICE3-based simulation environment available in two versions for students/teachers and professional users, respectively.

RF and microwave cae software
  • Ansoft Designer SV from Ansoft provides students and early-career professionals with an easy-to-use tool for applying basic circuit theories and techniques while developing their high-frequency engineering skills. As a functional subset of Ansoft Designer, the commercially distributed design-management environment and circuit simulator for radio frequency (RF) and microwave hardware development, Ansoft Designer SV exposes engineers to the same design environment widely used in the high-performance electronic design industry.

    Note: Unfortunately, Ansoft has removed Ansoft Designer SV from their homepage.
    Here is a link (in german), from which Ansoft Designer SV Version 2.2.0 (Build Mar 14 2005) may be downloaded

  • PUFF from CALTECH is a computer-aided design program for microwave circuits.

  • Elsie is a 32-bit Windows electrical filter design software nicely written to help engineers design and analyze lumped-element filters in the audio through microwave range. Thanks to the standard interface, all of the various aspects of program operation are quite easy to use. Most options are selected by clicking on buttons. No scripts. Not a DOS lookalike.

  • EAGLE from CadSoft is the well-known circuit drafting, layout and autorouter environment.

  • SciLab - the free alternative to proprietary math tools

  • MiKTEX - typesetting beautiful documents

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